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Vol 8, No 228 August 15, 1836 Monday Evening
Sam Houston Nominated for President
Allen brother, John dies at 28
HOUSTON    (1838)     On this date in 1838, John Kirby Allen, one of the Allen brothers that founded Houston, died at the age of 28.

Houston to Run
HARRISBURG Click Here to follow "Sam Houston" back in Time(1836)Click Here to follow "Sam Houston" forward in Time  On this date in 1836, General Sam Houston was nominated for President of the Republic of Texas. The victory at the Battle of San Jacinto, led by Houston earlier in the year, secured Texas' independence from Mexico, and helped elevate the popularity of Sam Houston.
   Stephen F Austin also sought the Texas Presidency, but was defeated.
   Houston had served previously as Governor of Tennessee and Major General of the Texas Army. He would go on to serve as President of the Republic of Texas, State Senator, and Governor.
   Houston's term as governor was cut short by the onset of the civil war, which forced the Houston, who opposed Texas joining the confederacy, to resign from office. He died at his home in Huntsville in 1863.

Business Desk
Haden Edwards to settle Edwards Colony
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Colonization" back in Time (1825) Click Here to follow "Colonization" forward in Time  On this date in 1825, Haden Edwards was given a contract to settle family in what was later to be known as Edwards Colony.