Texas Landmarks and Legacies - Today in Texas History
Vol 8, No 306 November 2, 1947 Sunday Evening
Howard Hughes takes off in Flying Boat
The Spruce Goose
NEW YORK CITY Click Here to follow "Howard Hughes" back in Time(1947)Click Here to follow "Howard Hughes" forward in Time  Hughes Aircraft, owned by Howard Hughes, contracted with a wartime government to build three "flying boats" for $18 million. The war ended before the planes could be built, but despite Congressional skepticism, Hughes built one of the enormous planes.
   On this date in 1947, Howard Hughes personally piloted the only one of these planes ever built. The plane only flew one time, that being in New York harbor. The public ridiculed Hughes by calling the plane, built of non-standardized materials, "The Spruce Goose."
   The plane was moved to California, where it was placed in storage.

Indian Affairs Desk
Jim Bowie sets out to search for Lost Mine
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Jim Bowie" back in Time (1831) Click Here to follow "Jim Bowie" forward in Time  Financed by his wealthy in-laws, Jim Bowie left San Antonio on this date in 1831, with his brother Rezin and nine others, in search of lost Los Almagres Mine. Less than a month out, near San Saba he is attacked by a band of Indians. In the ensuing battle, forty were killed, and Bowie lost one man. After that he returned to San Antonio. By January of 1832, he would try again to find the lost gold mines.   More about "Jim Bowie" on the Web

Political Desk
Voters Reject plan for 4-year Governor term
AUSTIN   (1965)    On this date in 1965, the voters of Texas rejected a plan by Governor John Connally to change the term of governor from 2 to 4 years.

Leon Jaworski replaces Cox as Watergate Prosecutor
WASHINGTON DC   (1973)    Following the October fireing of Archibald Cox, and resignations of the Attorney General and Assistant Atty General, Leon Jaworski is appointed as the special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation of President Nixon. Jaworski was a 1920 graduate of Waco High School.

Mark White defeats Clements. Dems retake Governor
AUSTIN   (1982)    On this date i 1982, Mark White defeated Governor Bill Clements, returning a Democrat to that office. Clements was the first Republican to serve as governor since Reconstruction. A strong Hispanic turn out was believed to be the edge that gave White the win.