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Vol 8, No 230 August 17, 2008 Sunday Evening
Hamilton draws Bases Loaded Intentional Walk
Born This Date
Davy Crockett born in Tennessee
WAUTAUGA NC   (1786) Click Here to follow "Davy Crockett" forward in Time  On this date in a part of North Carolina that was later to belong to Tennessee, frontiersman and Congressman Davy Crockett was born. Davy came to Texas as a Tennessee Volunteer in 1836 then made his way to San Antonio where he and about 180 other Texans were killed at the battle of the Alamo.

ALs First in 107 Years
ARLINGTON Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" back in Time(2008)Click Here to follow "Texas Rangers" forward in Time  In a finish reminenscent of "Casey at the Bat", the Rangers on this date in 2008, entered the bottom of the 9th inning against American League East leader Tampa Bay, trailing the Rays 7-2. But the "It Ain't Over til it's Over" Texas Rangers weren't ready to quit.
   Relief pitcher Balfour of the Rays gave up a triple to Brandon Boggs scoring one run, and the Rangers were quickly in the midst of another legendary rally.
   Soon, the bases were loaded with two outs. It would be up to Josh Hamilton, the league's leading slugger, to keep the game alive. A grand slam now would tie the game, but a hit anywhere would score at least two badly needed runs.
   But in the rarest call in baseball, Rays manager, Joe Madden called for the intentional walk, putting Josh Hamilton (with 28 home runs) on base and making the score now 7-4.
   Not since 1901 (107 years) has an American League picture intentionally walked a batter with the bases loaded, an act considered the ultimate compliment by a pitcher. The National League has only had two such walks in the last century, the most recent being Wade Boggs in 1998.
   Now it was up to Marlon Byrd, with just 8 home runs for the season, one a game winning Grand Slam against the New York Yankees just 12 days before. If he could do that again, the Rangers would win. But it wasn't to be. Byrd struck out. The Rays win, 7-4.
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Political Desk
Trespalacios become first governor of Tejas
MEXICO CITY   (1822) Click Here to follow "Revolution" forward in Time  On this date in 1822, Jose Felix Trespalacios became the first governor of the state of Texas (under Mexico).

Technology Desk
Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston gets new Name
HOUSTON   (1973)    Following the death of President Kennedy in 1963, Lyndon Johnson continued the mission of landing a man on the moon and bring him safely back to earth.
   Lyndon Johnson was President in 1969 when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. Under President Johnson, the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston continued to grow, and soon became one of the largest employers in Houston.
   In January 1973, Lyndon Johnson died at his Ranch, and seven months later, on this date in 1973, the Manned Spacecraft Center was renamed the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in his honor.