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Vol 8, No 304 October 31, 1835 Saturday Evening
Davy Crockett leaves Tennessee home for Texas
Born This Date
Actress Barbara Bel Geddes born in NY
NEW YORK CITY   (1922) Click Here to follow "Dallas TV Show" forward in Time  On this date in 1922, actress Barbara Bel Geddes was born. Geddes starred in numerous rolls on stage, screen and television, but her most famous roll was that of Miss Ellie Ewing in the hit television series "Dallas".
Dale Evans, Queen of the West, born in Uvalde
UVALDE Click Here to follow "Roy Rogers" back in Time (1912) Click Here to follow "Roy Rogers" forward in Time  On this date in 1912, Lucille Wood Smith was born in Uvalde. Lucille later changed her name to Francis Octavia Smith. Francis married at 16, but her husband died one year later. She took on the stage name "Dale Evans" after her third husband (Robert Dale Butts) and actress Madge Evans).
   Eventually settling in Hollywood, Dale Evans was only able to get "B" movie rolls. She didn't particularly like Westerns, but those were the rolls that came her way. Dale and Roy Rogers met as co-stars for the filming of "The Cowboy and Senorita" in 1944. This movie formed a bond between Roy, Dale, sidekick Gabby Hays, and the Sons of the Pioneers.
   In 1946, Roy's first wife Arline died. Life was hard for Roy, but in 1947, while working on a rodeo with co-star Dale Evans, Roy asked her to marry him. They were married on New Years day in 1947. With the 1950s "The Roy Rogers Show", Dale and Roy became household names along with their horses Trigger and Buttercup and their German Shepherd, Bullet. Each episode of the show ended with Roy and Dale singing "Happy Trails to You".
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Crockett heads for Texas
JEFFERSON CO TN Click Here to follow "Davy Crockett" back in Time(1835)Click Here to follow "Davy Crockett" forward in Time  In 1835, Congressman Davy Crockett was ready for a new chapter in his life, and announced to his fellows in Congress that he had had enough. When some of his fellow Congressmen tried to pursuade him to remain in Tennessee as a Congressman. Crockett's reply? "You may go to hell, I will go to Texas." Wanting to "explore Texas well before I return", Davy Crockett left his home in Tennessee on this date in 1835, headed for Texas.
Crime Desk
Black Jack Ketchum born in San Saba County
CLAYTON NM   (1863) Click Here to follow "Black Jack" forward in Time  On this date in 1863, Thomas Edward "Black Jack" Ketchum was born in San Saba County, Texas. In his twenties Tom, his brother Sam, and their gang, took to robbing trains in Southern New Mexico, making off with over $100,000 in payroll cash, silver and gold. Then they'd take off hundreds of miles to live like Royalty. Tom's good looks and manners made him popular with the ladies at society gatherings. The local people never knew his notorious other side. Eventually he was caught and hanged in a particularly grusome execution in Clayton, New Mexico.   More about "Black Jack" on the Web