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Vol 8, No 174 June 23, 1911 Friday Evening
Post begins Rainmaking efforts in Panhandle
Today in Sports
Rice beats Stanford 14-2 Wins College World Series
OMAHA NE   (2003)    On this date in 2003, Rice University beat Stanford 14-2, to win the College World Series in Omaha. This was Rice's forth appearance in the series, and their first win ever.

Spurs Win Third National Championship
SAN ANTONIO Click Here to follow "Spurs" back in Time (2005)    On this date in 2005, the San Antonio Spurs, behind Tim Duncan, won their third NBA Championship, beating the Detroit Pistons 81-74 in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.
   Duncan became only the forth player in NBA history to win three Finals MVP awards. He joins Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal in their 3 MVP awards. In Game 7, Duncan scored 25 points with 11 rebounds to win MVP. This is San Antonio's third NBA Championship (1999, 2003, 2005).
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Philanthopist Amon G Carter dies in Fort Worth
FORT WORTH Click Here to follow "Amon Carter" back in Time  (1955)     On this date in 1955, Fort Worth philanthropist, Amon G Carter died. Carter was instrumental in opening Fort Worth's first airport, getting Air Mail service to Fort Worth, and bringing the aircraft industry to the city. The Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, which houses the nations largest collection of fine art of the American West, was named in his honor.

Kites and Dynomite
LUBBOCK  (1911)   On this date in 1911, CW Post, founder of Post cereals, began his rainmaking activites on his ranch near Post City. One week later, on June 30th, parcipitation is reported in the area, and he stops. Earlier in June, Post described his method of using kites and dynamite to bring rain to the dought sticken region. More of "CW Post" on the Web
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Long Expedition occupies Nacogdoches
NACOGDOCHES Click Here to follow "Jane Long" back in Time (1819) Click Here to follow "Jane Long" forward in Time  On this date in 1819, James Long and about 300 others occupied Nacogdoches, with the intention of forming a free and independent Republic of Texas. He would be forced out, and relocate to the Bolivar Peninsula. At one point, he and his wife Jane would travel across the bay to Galveston island to have dinner with Jean Laffite who had lost his fleet to a hurricane.

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Cadillac Ranch painted Black to honor its Creator
AMARILLO Click Here to follow "Cadillac Ranch" back in Time (2003)    On June 12, 2003 Doug Michels, founding member of The Ant Farm, a San Francisco artists' collective, died while attempting to climb to a whale-observation point in Australia.
   It was Michels and The Ant Farm who were hired by Stanley Marsh 3, an eccentric millionaire from Amarillo, to construct the legendary "Cadillac Ranch." Upon learning of Michaels' death, Marsh had all ten of the half-buried Cadillacs repainted black as a memoriam to Michels.
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