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Ayer MA    
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Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
The State of Maine Express
3:16 AM BM No.81 Worchester to Portland To Bangor ME via MEC
6:26 AM BM No.502 Fitchburg to Boston  
7:01 AM BM No.506 Fitchburg to Boston  
7:35 AM BM No.5,502 Bellows Falls to Boston  
7:46 AM BM No.805 Worchester to Lowell  
8:20 AM BM No.508 Greenfield to Boston  
9:17 AM BM No.5,504 Bellows Falls to Boston  
10:32 AM BM No.52 Troy to Boston  
1:00 PM BM No.54 Troy to Boston  
1:54 PM BM No.520 Fitchburg to Boston  
4:05 PM BM No.5,508 Bellows Falls to Boston  
The Minute Man
4:33 PM BM No.58 Albany to Boston  
6:22 PM BM No.5,510 Bellows Falls to Boston  
7:58 PM BM No.60 Albany to Boston  
10:10 PM BM No.62 Troy to Boston  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:08 AM BM No.63 Boston to Troy  
The State of Maine Express
12:41 AM BM No.82 Portland to Worcester To New York
12:58 AM BM No.523 Boston to Fitchburg  
3:32 AM BM No.51 Boston to Troy  
8:00 AM BM No.501 Boston to Fitchburg  
9:05 AM BM No.55 Boston to Albany  
9:53 AM BM No.5,503 Boston to Bellows Falls  
12:28 PM BM No.57 Boston to Albany  
2:39 PM BM No.511 Boston to Fitchburg  
4:03 PM BM No.5,507 Boston to Bellows Falls  
The Minute Man
4:23 PM BM No.59 Boston to Albany  
5:43 PM BM No.513 Boston to Fitchburg  
5:57 PM BM No.5,509 Boston to Bellows Falls  
6:12 PM BM No.515 Boston to Fitchburg  
6:33 PM BM No.836 Lowell to Worcester  
6:55 PM BM No.61 Boston to Greenfield  
8:25 PM BM No.5,511 Boston to Bellows Falls  
11:10 PM BM No.521 Boston to Worcester