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Beaver Falls PA    
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Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
The Pittsburgh - Detroit
1:03 PM PRR No.117 Pittsburgh to Detroit  
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
5:45 AM PRR No.302 Cleveland to Pittsburgh  
The Gotham Limited
7:17 AM PRR No.54 Chicago to New York  
The Golden Triangle
8:10 AM PRR No.62 Chicago to Pittsburgh Philadelphia, New York via No 54 Pennsylvania Ltd
The Pennsylvania Limited
8:10 AM PRR No.54 Chicago to New York  
9:36 AM PRR No.44 Chicago to Pittsburgh  
The Morning Steeler
10:02 AM PRR No.360 Cleveland to Pittsburgh  
The Valley Special
11:08 AM PRR No.354 Crestline to Pittsburgh  
3:15 PM PRR No.118 Chicago to Pittsburgh  
The Fort Pitt
6:00 PM PRR No.52 Chicago to Pittsburgh  
7:24 PM PRR No.126 Detroit to Pittsburgh  
7:36 PM PRR No.338 Cleveland to Pittsburgh  
The New Yorker (Pennsylvania RR)
7:52 PM PRR No.52 Chicago to New York Fort Wayne, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg
The Manhattan Limited
8:59 PM PRR No.22 Chicago to New York  
The Admiral
10:45 PM PRR No.70 Chicago to New York  
  Northbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:01 AM PRR No.105 Pittsburgh to Detroit  
12:39 AM PLE No.41 Pittsburgh to College  
7:57 AM PLE No.27 Pittsburgh to Youngstown  
8:58 AM PRR No.415 Pittsburgh to Erie  
10:03 AM PRR No.367 Pittsburgh to Cleveland Hudson to Akron
3:40 PM PRR No.333 Pittsburgh to Cleveland  
5:04 PM PLE No.13 South Heights to College  
5:30 PM PLE No.15 Pittsburgh to College  
6:05 PM PLE No.47 Pittsburgh to College  
6:26 PM PLE No.35 Pittsburgh to College  
6:36 PM PRR No.455 Pittsburgh to Victory  
9:20 PM PRR No.323 Pittsburgh to Cleveland  
The Detroit Express
10:43 PM PRR No.65 Pittsburgh to Detroit  
  Southbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
5:48 AM PLE No.4 College to Pittsburgh  
6:25 AM PRR No.708 Beaver Falls to Pittsburgh  
6:43 AM PLE No.8 College to Pittsburgh  
6:50 AM PRR No.106 Detroit to Pittsburgh  
7:00 AM PRR No.718 Beaver Falls to Pittsburgh  
The Pittsburgh Express
7:06 AM PRR No.64 Detroit to Pittsburgh  
7:23 AM PLE No.46 College to Pittsburgh  
7:25 AM PRR No.728 Beaver Falls to Pittsburgh  
7:30 AM PRR No.738 Beaver Falls to Pittsburgh  
7:38 AM PLE No.36 College to Pittsburgh  
7:55 AM PRR No.404 Sharon to Pittsburgh  
8:25 AM PRR No.748 Beaver Falls to Pittsburgh  
12:57 PM PRR No.374 Cleveland to Pittsburgh  
2:53 PM PLE No.12 College to South Heights  
4:00 PM PRR No.758 Beaver Falls to Pittsburgh  
5:00 PM PRR No.332 Cleveland to Pittsburgh  
5:15 PM PLE No.30 Youngstown to Pittsburgh  
10:58 PM PLE No.22 Youngstown to Pittsburgh  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
The Golden Triangle
12:14 AM PRR No.63 Pittsburgh to Chicago  
The Manhattan Limited
12:14 AM PRR No.23 New York to Chicago  
12:50 AM PRR No.301 Pittsburgh to Cleveland  
The Morning Steeler
8:50 AM PRR No.361 Pittsburgh to Cleveland  
The Pennsylvania Limited
8:56 AM PRR No.55 New York to Chicago Chicago
9:10 AM PRR No.303 Pittsburgh to Cleveland  
The Golden Arrow
9:16 AM PRR No.79 New York to Chicago Pittsburgh to Detroit #443
The Fort Pitt
11:42 AM PRR No.53 Pittsburgh to Chicago  
2:49 PM PRR No.113 Pittsburgh to Chicago  
5:00 PM PRR No.649 Pittsburgh to Alliance  
5:59 PM PRR No.313 Pittsburgh to Cleveland  
The Philadelphia Express
8:07 PM PRR No.15 Philadelphia to Chicago Washington via PB&W, To Cincinnati via CA&C 624