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Braddock PA    
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Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:55 AM PRR No.7,298 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
3:42 AM PRR No.682 Pittsburgh to Altoona  
6:20 AM PRR No.7,212 Pittsburgh to Pitcairn  
6:44 AM PRR No.7,280 Pittsburgh to Altoona  
7:01 AM PRR No.7,214 Pittsburgh to North Trafford  
7:29 AM PRR No.7,224 Pittsburgh to North Trafford  
7:42 AM PRR No.7,282 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
8:10 AM PRR No.7,226 Pittsburgh to Trafford  
8:23 AM PRR No.8 Pittsburgh to Philadelphia New York via No 246, Baltimore & Wash via PB&W
The Shenandoah
9:26 AM BO No.8 Chicago to Philadelphia New York via Reading & CNJ
9:27 AM PRR No.7,300 Pittsburgh to Latrobe  
11:15 AM PRR No.24 Pittsburgh to Philadelphia New York via No 156, Balt & Wash via PB&W
The Washingtonian (Cleveland Section)
12:03 PM BO No.22 Pittsburgh to Baltimore  
1:59 PM PRR No.7,240 Pittsburgh to North Trafford  
2:16 PM BO No.32 Chicago to Cumberland  
3:19 PM PRR No.7,288 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
3:54 PM PRR No.612 Pittsburgh to Altoona  
4:19 PM PRR No.7,290 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
4:49 PM PRR No.7,306 Pittsburgh to Latrobe  
5:04 PM PRR No.7,286 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
5:38 PM PRR No.7,294 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
5:38 PM PRR No.7,310 Pittsburgh to Latrobe  
5:46 PM PRR No.7,250 Pittsburgh to North Trafford  
6:22 PM PRR No.7,292 Pittsburgh to Latrobe  
6:59 PM PRR No.7,312 Pittsburgh to Latrobe  
7:48 PM PRR No.652 Pittsburgh to Altoona  
10:30 PM PRR No.7,296 Pittsburgh to Greensburg  
The Washington Express (Chicago Section)
10:48 PM BO No.10 Chicago to Washington  
11:20 PM PRR No.7,314 Pittsburgh to Latrobe  
The Chicago-Pittsburgh-Washington Express
11:23 PM BO No.10 Chicago to Philadelphia New York via Central of NJ
11:43 PM BO No.14 Pittsburgh to Washington  
  Northbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
7:22 AM BO No.145 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
7:46 AM PLE No.51 Brownsville to Pittsburgh  
7:47 AM BO No.147 Connellsville to Pittsburgh  
8:46 AM BO No.149 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
10:25 AM BO No.157 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
12:58 PM BO No.159 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
2:55 PM BO No.161 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
4:24 PM BO No.163 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
5:58 PM BO No.141 Connellsville to Pittsburgh  
7:38 PM BO No.165 Versailles to Pittsburgh  
  Southbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
6:21 AM BO No.140 Pittsburgh to Connellsville  
8:28 AM BO No.150 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
1:18 PM BO No.152 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
3:18 PM BO No.154 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
4:55 PM BO No.156 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
5:38 PM BO No.158 Pittsburgh to Connellsville  
5:39 PM PLE No.52 Pittsburgh to Brownsville  
6:19 PM BO No.160 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
6:47 PM BO No.162 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
9:35 PM BO No.164 Pittsburgh to Versailles  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
6:38 AM PRR No.7,281 Greensburg to Pittsburgh  
The Shenandoah
6:59 AM BO No.7 Philadelphia to Chicago  
7:16 AM PRR No.7,283 Latrobe to Pittsburgh  
7:39 AM PRR No.7,211 Pitcairn to Pittsburgh  
7:43 AM PRR No.7,285 Greensburg to Pittsburgh  
7:55 AM PRR No.7,301 Latrobe to Pittsburgh  
7:59 AM PRR No.7,219 North Trafford to Pittsburgh  
8:16 AM PRR No.7,287 Greensburg to Pittsburgh  
8:45 AM PRR No.7,221 North Trafford to Pittsburgh  
9:36 AM PRR No.7,289 Greensburg to Pittsburgh  
11:30 AM PRR No.667 Altoona to Pittsburgh  
1:37 PM PRR No.623 Harrisburg to Pittsburgh  
2:56 PM PRR No.7,305 Latrobe to Pittsburgh  
3:46 PM PRR No.7,243 Pitcairn to Pittsburgh  
4:21 PM PRR No.7,309 Latrobe to Pittsburgh  
4:39 PM PRR No.7,245 North Trafford to Pittsburgh  
5:15 PM PRR No.7,249 North Trafford to Pittsburgh  
The Washingtonian (Cleveland Section)
5:22 PM BO No.21 Baltimore to Pittsburgh  
6:53 PM PRR No.7,293 Greensburg to Pittsburgh  
The Washington-Pittsburgh-Chicago Express
8:50 PM BO No.9 Washington to Chicago  
The Mail
9:32 PM PRR No.19 Philadelphia to Pittsburgh Chicago
10:56 PM PRR No.7,307 Latrobe to Pittsburgh