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Cranford NJ    
Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
3:30 AM CNJ No.700 Dunellen to New York  
4:32 AM CNJ No.702 Dunellen to New York  
5:25 AM CNJ No.400 Raritan to New York  
5:48 AM CNJ No.402 Raritan to New York  
6:41 AM CNJ No.404 White House to New York  
The Williamsporter
6:41 AM CNJ No.120 Tamaqua to New York  
6:53 AM CNJ No.406 Raritan to New York  
7:12 AM CNJ No.808 Cranford to New York  
7:21 AM CNJ No.408 Raritan to New York  
7:35 AM CNJ No.7,600 Dunellen to Newark  
7:40 AM CNJ No.706 Dunellen to Kearny  
7:46 AM CNJ No.710 Dunellen to Jersey City  
7:54 AM CNJ No.818 Cranford to New York  
8:09 AM CNJ No.820 Cranford to New York  
8:17 AM CNJ No.7,700 Raritan to Newark  
8:17 AM CNJ No.7,700 Bound Brook to Newark  
8:21 AM CNJ No.716 Dunellen to New York  
8:30 AM CNJ No.718 Dunellen to New York  
9:02 AM CNJ No.720 Dunellen to New York  
10:22 AM CNJ No.722 Dunellen to New York  
10:52 AM CNJ No.104 Mauch Chunk to New York  
11:41 AM CNJ No.422 Raritan to New York  
The Raritan Clocker
11:45 AM CNJ No.104 Allentown to New York  
12:43 PM CNJ No.724 Dunellen to New York  
2:06 PM CNJ No.424 Raritan to New York  
3:17 PM CNJ No.426 Raritan to New York  
4:24 PM CNJ No.428 Raritan to New York  
4:43 PM CNJ No.726 Dunellen to New York  
5:33 PM CNJ No.430 Raritan to New York  
6:36 PM CNJ No.832 Cranford to New York  
7:47 PM CNJ No.434 Raritan to New York  
The Harrisburg New Yorker
9:15 PM CNJ No.194 Allentown to New York  
The New York Clocker
9:45 PM CNJ No.194 Allenton to New York  
10:02 PM CNJ No.732 Dunellen to New York  
11:37 PM CNJ No.436 Raritan to New York  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:29 AM CNJ No.633 New York to Bound Brook  
1:05 AM CNJ No.701 New York to Dunellen  
1:48 AM CNJ No.443 New York to Raritan  
4:36 AM CNJ No.101 New York to Mauch Chunk  
6:56 AM CNJ No.401 New York to Raritan  
7:24 AM CNJ No.703 New York to Dunellen  
7:59 AM CNJ No.405 New York to Raritan  
9:08 AM CNJ No.705 New York to Dunellen  
9:52 AM CNJ No.707 New York to Dunellen  
10:48 AM CNJ No.409 New York to Raritan  
12:03 PM CNJ No.411 New York to Raritan  
1:21 PM CNJ No.709 New York to Dunellen  
The Raritan Clocker
1:40 PM CNJ No.107 New York to Allentown  
1:55 PM CNJ No.107 New York to Mauch Chunk  
3:04 PM CNJ No.711 New York to Dunellen  
3:47 PM CNJ No.415 New York to Raritan  
4:22 PM CNJ No.417 New York to Raritan  
4:32 PM CNJ No.713 Kearey to Dunellen  
5:03 PM CNJ No.715 New York to Dunellen  
The Queen of the Valley
5:35 PM CNJ No.199 New York to Allentown Reading & Harrisburg via Reading RR
The Harrisburger
5:40 PM CNJ No.2,199 New York to Allentown Harrisburg via Reading
5:46 PM CNJ No.7,601 Newark to Dunellen  
6:10 PM CNJ No.725 New York to Dunellen  
6:27 PM CNJ No.723 New York to Dunellen  
6:45 PM CNJ No.209 New York to Hampton  
6:56 PM CNJ No.429 New York to Raritan  
7:22 PM CNJ No.727 New York to Dunellen  
7:47 PM CNJ No.431 New York to Raritan  
8:24 PM CNJ No.729 New York to Dunellen  
9:21 PM CNJ No.437 New York to Raritan  
10:42 PM CNJ No.439 New York to Raritan  
11:48 PM CNJ No.441 New York to Raritan