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Denville NJ    
Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:04 AM DLW No.646 Washington to New York  
5:12 AM DLW No.600 Dover to New York  
5:51 AM DLW No.1,006 Dover to New York  
6:28 AM DLW No.602 Dover to New York  
6:49 AM DLW No.1,010 Dover to New York  
7:03 AM DLW No.1,012 Dover to New York  
7:06 AM DLW No.604 Dover to New York  
7:20 AM DLW No.1,014 Dover to New York  
7:35 AM DLW No.606 Washington to New York  
7:52 AM DLW No.608 Netcong to New York  
8:23 AM DLW No.1,024 Newton to New York  
8:24 AM DLW No.610 Netcong to New York  
9:01 AM DLW No.1,026 Dover to New York  
9:03 AM DLW No.612 Dover to New York  
10:02 AM DLW No.614 Netcong to New York  
10:06 AM DLW No.1,028 Branchville to New York  
11:02 AM DLW No.616 Dover to New York  
12:02 PM DLW No.618 Washington to New York  
1:02 PM DLW No.620 Dover to New York  
2:02 PM DLW No.622 Dover to New York  
2:16 PM DLW No.1,036 Dover to New York  
3:07 PM DLW No.624 Dover to New York  
3:22 PM DLW No.1,040 Dover to New York  
3:56 PM DLW No.1,044 Dover to New York  
4:10 PM DLW No.626 Dover to New York  
4:41 PM DLW No.630 Dover to New York  
6:21 PM DLW No.1,054 Washington to New York  
6:29 PM DLW No.634 Washington to New York  
7:06 PM DLW No.636 Dover to New York  
7:17 PM DLW No.1,056 Dover to New York  
8:04 PM DLW No.638 Dover to New York  
9:04 PM DLW No.640 Dover to New York  
10:04 PM DLW No.642 Dover to New York  
11:06 PM DLW No.644 Dover to New York  
11:27 PM DLW No.1,062 Washington to New York  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:09 AM DLW No.1,077 New York to Dover  
12:47 AM DLW No.657 New York to Dover  
1:35 AM DLW No.1,001 New York to Dover  
1:39 AM DLW No.659 New York to Dover  
6:03 AM DLW No.1,009 New York to Branchville  
8:11 AM DLW No.1,005 New York to Dover  
8:37 AM DLW No.605 New York to Washington  
9:24 AM DLW No.607 New York to Dover  
10:09 AM DLW No.1,017 New York to Dover  
10:10 AM DLW No.609 New York to Dover  
11:14 AM DLW No.611 New York to Dover  
11:49 AM DLW No.1,019 New York to Dover  
12:09 PM DLW No.613 New York to Dover  
1:09 PM DLW No.615 New York to Washington  
1:12 PM DLW No.1,029 New York to Branchville  
2:09 PM DLW No.621 New York to Dover  
3:09 PM DLW No.627 New York to Dover  
4:15 PM DLW No.629 New York to Dover  
4:45 PM DLW No.633 New York to Dover  
4:45 PM DLW No.631 New York to Dover  
5:20 PM DLW No.1,041 New York to Hackettstown  
5:33 PM DLW No.635 New York to Hackettstown  
6:08 PM DLW No.637 Hoboken to Washington  
6:16 PM DLW No.1,049 Hoboken to Dover  
6:26 PM DLW No.639 Hoboken to Dover  
6:40 PM DLW No.641 Hoboken to Dover  
7:08 PM DLW No.1,067 New York to Dover  
7:17 PM DLW No.645 Hoboken to Dover  
7:55 PM DLW No.1,071 New York to Netcong  
8:39 PM DLW No.649 New York to Washington  
9:39 PM DLW No.651 New York to Dover  
10:40 PM DLW No.1,075 New York to Dover  
10:42 PM DLW No.653 New York to Dover  
11:39 PM DLW No.655 New York to Dover