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Elgin,Elgin IL    
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Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
5:00 AM Milw No.204 Elgin to Chicago  
5:53 AM Milw No.206 Elgin to Chicago  
6:20 AM Milw No.210 Elgin to Chicago  
6:35 AM Milw No.212 Elgin to Chicago  
6:45 AM Milw No.214 Elgin to Chicago  
7:05 AM Milw No.216 Elgin to Chicago  
7:30 AM Milw No.220 Elgin to Chicago  
The Arrow
8:10 AM Milw No.108 Omaha to Chicago  
9:05 AM Milw No.226 Elgin to Chicago  
The City of Portland
10:35 AM Milw No.106 Omaha to Chicago  
11:15 AM Milw No.228 Elgin to Chicago  
1:55 PM Milw No.242 Elgin to Chicago  
4:08 PM Milw No.246 Elgin to Chicago  
6:18 PM Milw No.250 Elgin to Chicago  
6:50 PM CNW No.706 Freeport to Chicago  
The Midwest Hiawatha
8:21 PM Milw No.102 Omaha to Chicago  
9:25 PM Milw No.258 Elgin to Chicago  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
9:59 AM CNW No.703 Chicago to Freeport  
The Midwest Hiawatha
1:30 PM Milw No.103 Chicago to Omaha Pueblo, Salt Lake City, (SouPac to San Francisco
The City of Portland
5:25 PM Milw No.105 Chicago to Omaha Portland, Seattle via UP
The Arrow
7:08 PM Milw No.107 Chicago to Omaha Kansas City via The Southwest Limited