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Glassboro NJ    
Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
  Northbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
5:40 AM PRSL No.752 Millville to Philadelphia  
6:15 AM PRSL No.704 Glassboro to Philadelphia  
6:39 AM PRSL No.754 Millville to Broadway-Camden To Philadelphia via No 654
6:58 AM PRSL No.708 Clayton to Philadelphia  
7:36 AM PRSL No.756 Millville to Camden To Market Street Wharf Philadelphia via No 710
7:48 AM PRSL No.710 Glassboro to Philadelphia  
8:02 AM PRSL No.758 Millville to Philadelphia  
8:53 AM PRSL No.760 Millville to Philadelphia  
11:55 AM PRSL No.764 Millville to Philadelphia  
2:58 PM PRSL No.766 Millville to Philadelphia  
4:13 PM PRSL No.768 Millville to Philadelphia  
6:42 PM PRSL No.308 Wildwood to Philadelphia  
11:04 PM PRSL No.776 Millville to Philadelphia  
  Southbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:54 AM PRSL No.751 Philadelphia to Millville  
5:46 AM PRSL No.301 Philadelphia to Wildwood To Atlantic City via No 811
5:46 AM PRSL No.301 Glassboro to Millville  
5:55 AM PRSL No.877 Glassboro to Bridgeton  
8:07 AM PRSL No.753 Philadelphia to Millville  
9:00 AM PRSL No.755 Philadelphia to Millville  
1:03 PM PRSL No.759 Philadelphia to Millville  
3:33 PM PRSL No.765 Philadelphia to Millville  
3:38 PM PRSL No.881 Glassboro to Bridgeton  
4:59 PM PRSL No.769 Philadelphia to Millville  
5:58 PM PRSL No.773 Philadelphia to Millville Newfield to Atlantic City via No 815
6:06 PM PRSL No.883 Glassboro to Bridgeton  
6:17 PM PRSL No.713 Philadelphia to Clayton  
6:38 PM PRSL No.775 Philadelphia to Millville  
7:46 PM PRSL No.779 Philadelphia to Millville