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Glenside PA    
Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
  Northbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:37 AM Reading No.487 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
6:16 AM Reading No.357 Philadelphia to Bethlehem Doylestown via No 493
7:16 AM Reading No.403 Philadelphia to Lansdale Doylestown via Bus
7:18 AM Reading No.403 Glenside to Hatboro Ivyland via No 283
8:16 AM Reading No.469 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
9:17 AM Reading No.407 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
9:33 AM Reading No.225 Philadelphia to Hatboro New Hope via No 287
9:46 AM Reading No.409 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
10:02 AM Reading No.485 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
10:17 AM Reading No.471 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
10:46 AM Reading No.413 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
11:17 AM Reading No.415 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
11:40 AM Reading No.229 Philadelphia to Hatboro  
11:48 AM Reading No.417 Philadelphia to Lansdale Doylestown via Bus
12:17 PM Reading No.419 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
12:46 PM Reading No.421 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
1:17 PM Reading No.423 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
1:38 PM Reading No.233 Philadelphia to Hatboro New Hope via No 289
1:46 PM Reading No.473 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
2:17 PM Reading No.427 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
2:38 PM Reading No.235 Philadelphia to Hatboro  
2:46 PM Reading No.429 Philadelphia to Lansdale Doylestown via Bus
3:17 PM Reading No.475 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
3:39 PM Reading No.237 Philadelphia to Hatboro New Hope via No 291
3:46 PM Reading No.433 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
4:17 PM Reading No.435 Philadelphia to Lansdale Doylestown via Bus
4:33 PM Reading No.239 Philadelphia to Hatboro  
4:46 PM Reading No.477 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
5:11 PM Reading No.437 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
5:34 PM Reading No.479 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
5:36 PM Reading No.243 Philadelphia to Hatboro Ivyland via No 293
5:49 PM Reading No.481 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
6:10 PM Reading No.245 Philadelphia to Hatboro New Hope via No 295
6:21 PM Reading No.439 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
6:48 PM Reading No.483 Philadelphia to Doylestown  
7:17 PM Reading No.441 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
7:46 PM Reading No.443 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
8:46 PM Reading No.445 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
10:46 PM Reading No.449 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
11:46 PM Reading No.451 Philadelphia to Lansdale  
  Southbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:18 AM Reading No.488 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
6:08 AM Reading No.274 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
6:08 AM Reading No.466 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
6:41 AM Reading No.352 Bethlehem to Philadelphia  
7:13 AM Reading No.356 Bethlehem to Philadelphia  
7:43 AM Reading No.472 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
7:50 AM Reading No.226 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
8:13 AM Reading No.228 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
8:41 AM Reading No.404 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
9:09 AM Reading No.478 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
9:37 AM Reading No.408 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
10:09 AM Reading No.480 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
10:15 AM Reading No.234 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
10:39 AM Reading No.412 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
11:11 AM Reading No.414 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
11:43 AM Reading No.416 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
12:09 PM Reading No.418 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
12:39 PM Reading No.420 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
1:09 PM Reading No.482 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
1:15 PM Reading No.240 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
1:41 PM Reading No.424 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
2:09 PM Reading No.426 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
2:39 PM Reading No.428 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
3:09 PM Reading No.430 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
3:49 PM Reading No.370 Bethlehem to Philadelphia  
4:09 PM Reading No.434 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
4:15 PM Reading No.246 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
4:39 PM Reading No.436 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
5:14 PM Reading No.484 Doylestown to Philadelphia  
5:44 PM Reading No.440 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
5:48 PM Reading No.250 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
6:09 PM Reading No.442 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
6:11 PM Reading No.252 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
6:44 PM Reading No.444 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
7:18 PM Reading No.376 Bethlehem to Philadelphia  
7:21 PM Reading No.254 Hatboro to Philadelphia  
7:39 PM Reading No.448 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
8:39 PM Reading No.452 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
9:49 PM Reading No.454 Lansdale to Philadelphia  
11:09 PM Reading No.456 Lansdale to Philadelphia