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Welcome to
Riverside MA    
Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
Eastbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
6:02 AM BA No.62 Framingham to Boston  
6:20 AM BA No.258 Riverside to Boston  
6:58 AM BA No.64 Worcester to Boston  
7:07 AM BA No.156 Riverside to Boston  
7:24 AM BA No.66 Framingham to Boston  
7:25 AM BA No.262 Riverside to Boston  
7:36 AM BA No.162 Riverside to Boston  
7:44 AM BA No.268 Riverside to Boston  
7:47 AM BA No.264 Woodland to Boston  
7:54 AM BA No.404 Milford to Boston  
8:03 AM BA No.270 Riverside to Boston  
8:04 AM BA No.2,164 Riverside to Boston  
8:13 AM BA No.1,166 Riverside to Boston  
8:17 AM BA No.2,166 Riverside to Boston  
8:22 AM BA No.74 Framingham to Boston  
8:26 AM BA No.168 Riverside to Boston  
8:27 AM BA No.272 Riverside to Boston  
8:28 AM BA No.120 Framingham to Boston  
8:55 AM BA No.80 Framingham to Boston  
9:00 AM BA No.122 Framingham to Boston  
9:00 AM BA No.170 Riverside to Boston  
9:05 AM BA No.274 Riverside to Boston  
10:03 AM BA No.86 Framingham to Boston  
10:10 AM BA No.276 Riverside to Boston  
10:40 AM BA No.320 Riverside to Boston  
10:55 AM BA No.88 Framingham to Boston  
12:15 PM BA No.286 Riverside to Boston  
12:38 PM BA No.90 Worcester to Boston  
12:58 PM BA No.184 Riverside to Boston  
2:03 PM BA No.6 Albany to Boston  
3:00 PM BA No.290 Riverside to Boston  
3:15 PM BA No.194 Riverside to Boston  
4:01 PM BA No.296 Riverside to Boston  
5:08 PM BA No.96 Framingham to Boston  
5:10 PM BA No.198 Riverside to Boston  
5:10 PM BA No.100 Framingham to Boston  
5:12 PM BA No.300 Riverside to Boston  
6:36 PM BA No.106 Worcester to Boston  
6:55 PM BA No.308 Riverside to Boston  
7:29 PM BA No.30 Springfield to Boston  
7:46 PM BA No.206 Riverside to Boston  
8:12 PM BA No.420 Framingham to Boston  
10:28 PM BA No.112 Framingham to Boston  
  Westbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:17 AM BA No.127 Boston to Framingham  
The James Whitcomb Riley (Boston Section)
4:19 AM BA No.3 Boston to Albany  
7:05 AM BA No.61 Boston to Worcester  
8:05 AM BA No.65 Boston to Framingham  
8:59 AM BA No.67 Boston to Framingham  
11:05 AM BA No.75 Boston to Framingham  
12:55 PM BA No.81 Boston to Framingham  
2:56 PM BA No.23 Boston to Springfield  
4:00 PM BA No.91 Boston to Framingham  
4:43 PM BA No.413 Boston to Milford  
5:04 PM BA No.415 Boston to Milford  
5:40 PM BA No.419 Boston to Milford  
6:10 PM BA No.109 Boston to Worcester  
6:51 PM BA No.113 Boston to Framingham  
8:01 PM BA No.115 Boston to Framingham  
9:07 PM BA No.119 Boston to Framingham  
10:12 PM BA No.121 Boston to Worcester