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Wilmington,Wilmington MA    
Train Schedule (Departures)
Eastbound Westbound Northbound Southbound
  Northbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
12:16 AM BM No.3,347 Boston to Concord  
6:36 AM BM No.303 Boston to Concord  
8:08 AM BM No.305 Boston to Concord  
10:31 AM BM No.3,309 Boston to Lowell  
11:32 AM BM No.3,311 Boston to Lowell  
1:36 PM BM No.3,317 Boston to Lowell  
2:27 PM BM No.309 Boston to Lowell  
5:04 PM BM No.3,327 Boston to Lowell  
6:11 PM BM No.319 Boston to Lowell  
6:11 PM BM No.321 Boston to Nashua  
7:02 PM BM No.323 Boston to Lowell  
8:22 PM BM No.3,341 Boston to Lowell  
10:28 PM BM No.3,343 Boston to Lowell  
11:26 PM BM No.3,345 Boston to Lowell  
  Southbound Trains
Departure Time Train Number Origin-Destination Through Service to:
5:45 AM BM No.3,302 Lowell to Boston  
6:52 AM BM No.3,306 Lowell to Boston  
7:04 AM BM No.3,308 Wilmington to Boston  
7:21 AM BM No.3,310 Lowell to Boston  
7:46 AM BM No.304 Wilmington to Boston  
7:49 AM BM No.3,312 Wilmington to Boston  
9:36 AM BM No.3,318 Lowell to Boston  
11:41 AM BM No.3,322 Lowell to Boston  
12:00 PM BM No.3,340 Lowell to Boston  
12:42 PM BM No.3,324 Lowell to Boston  
2:24 PM BM No.3,330 Lowell to Boston  
3:07 PM BM No.3,332 Wilmington to Boston  
4:44 PM BM No.3,336 Lowell to Boston  
5:01 PM BM No.322 Wilmington to Boston  
5:37 PM BM No.326 Lowell to Boston  
6:50 PM BM No.3,342 Wilmington to Boston  
8:27 PM BM No.3,344 Wilmington to Boston  
10:21 PM BM No.3,346 Wilmington to Boston