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Western Pacific Railroad, Num 2
The Zepherette
Motor Coach (Interurban) Service

San Francisco CA to Salt Lake City UT

928 miles.   22 hrs 45 min.

Amenities ...

 COACH ONLY, no sleepers.

Began service, May of 1950. Two Budd RDC-2 rail diesel cars. Ran days a week, Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - via Ferry
San Francisco CA
4:00 PM P 
4:20 PM P  Oakland Pier CA 4:30 PM P 
4:40 PM P  Oakland CA 4:40 PM P 
5:11 PM P  Hayward CA 5:11 PM P 
5:24 PM P  Fremont Station
Niles CA
5:24 PM P 
5:51 PM P  Livermore CA 5:51 PM P 
6:53 PM P  Stockton CA 6:55 PM P 
8:00 PM P  Sacramento CA 8:00 PM P 
8:55 PM P  Marysville CA 8:55 PM P 
9:25 PM P  Oroville CA 9:35 PM P 
12:17 AM P  Keddie CA 12:17 AM P 
12:33 AM P  Quincy Jct CA 12:33 AM P 
1:35 AM P  Portola CA 1:45 AM P 
2:11 AM P  Reno Jct CA 2:11 AM P 
2:55 AM P  Doyle CA 2:55 AM P 
4:20 AM P  Gerlach NV 4:20 AM P 
6:05 AM P  Winnemucca NV 6:15 AM P 
6:49 AM P  Red House NV 6:49 AM P 
8:10 AM P  Palisade NV 8:10 AM P 
8:21 AM P  Carlin NV 8:21 AM P 
8:45 AM P  Elko NV 9:15 AM P 
10:20 AM P  Wells NV 10:20 AM P 
11:20 AM P  Shafter NV 11:20 AM P 
1:20 PM M  Wendover UT 1:30 PM M 
2:45 PM M  Delle UT 2:45 PM M 
3:20 PM M  Salt Air Pavillion
Garfield UT
3:20 PM M 
3:45 PM M  Salt Lake City UT