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Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Num 24


Louisville KY to Ashland KY

209 miles.   5 hrs 45 min.

Through Service
from: Louisville to Lexington via L&N
to: Norfolk, Richmond, Washington via No 24

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Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Union Depot
Louisville KY
6:55 PM E 
7:20 PM E  L&N Depot
Anchorage KY
7:20 PM E 
7:49 PM E  L&N Depot
Shelbyville KY
7:49 PM E 
8:25 PM E  L&N Depot
Frankfort KY
8:25 PM E 
9:17 PM E  Union Depot
Lexington KY
9:27 PM E 
9:56 PM E  Winchester KY 9:56 PM E 
10:20 PM E  Mount Sterling KY 10:20 PM E 
10:36 PM E  Preston KY 10:36 PM E 
10:47 PM E  Salt Lick KY 10:47 PM E 
11:04 PM E  Morehead KY 11:04 PM E 
11:59 PM E  Hitchins KY 11:59 PM E 
12:40 AM E  Ashland KY