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Union Pacific Railroad, Num 10
The City of St Louis


Salt Lake City UT to Kansas City MO

1,266 miles.   13 hrs 00 min.

Through Service
from: Los Angeles, Los Vegas via SPLA&SL
to: St Louis via Wabash 10

Amenities ...

 Sleeper Cars available.

Originally, St Louis to Cheyenne, June 2, 1946. 6 train sets used, painted 2 toned gray. In 1951, extended to Los Angeles, repainted yellow and gray, and upgraded to a domeliner.

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Salt Lake City UT 5:05 AM M 
6:00 AM M  Ogden UT 6:45 AM M 
8:14 AM M  Evanston WY 8:20 AM M 
10:15 AM M  Green River WY 10:25 AM M 
10:43 AM M  Rock Springs WY 10:43 AM M 
12:40 PM M  Rawlins WY 12:45 PM M 
2:35 PM M  Laramie WY 2:38 PM M 
- - - (by-pass, does not stop)
Cheyenne WY
4:46 PM M  Greeley CO 4:46 PM M 
6:05 PM M  Denver CO 6:40 PM M 
8:11 PM M  Limon CO 8:11 PM M 
8:30 PM M  Hugo CO 8:30 PM M 
10:10 PM M  Sharon Springs KS 10:10 PM M 
11:57 PM C  Oakley KS 11:57 PM C 
1:06 AM C  Ellis KS 1:16 AM C 
1:29 AM C  Hays KS 1:29 AM C 
3:15 AM C  Salina KS 3:18 AM C 
4:15 AM C  Junction City KS 4:22 AM C 
5:43 AM C  North Topeka Station
Topeka KS
5:45 AM C 
7:05 AM C  Kansas City MO