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Southern Pacific Railroad, Num 52
The San Joaquin Daylight


San Francisco CA to Los Angeles CA

482 miles.   12 hrs 25 min.

Amenities ...

 COACH ONLY, no sleepers.

Launched on July 4, 1941. baggage-mail, baggage, two coaches, two articulated 2-unit coaches, diner, and a parlor-observation car

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Market Street Ferry Depot
San Francisco CA
7:30 AM P 
8:10 AM P  Oakland Pier Station
Oakland Pier CA
8:10 AM P 
8:18 AM P  16th Street Station
Oakland CA
8:18 AM P 
8:26 AM P  University Avenue Station
Berkeley CA
8:26 AM P 
8:35 AM p  Richmond CA 8:35 AM P 
8:58 AM P  (Vallejo connection)
Crockett CA
8:58 AM P 
9:13 AM P  Martinez CA 9:13 AM P 
10:05 AM P  Tracy CA 10:09 AM P 
10:23 AM P  (merge w/Sacramento Sec)
Lathrop CA
10:23 AM P 
10:57 AM P  Modesto CA 10:57 AM P 
11:40 AM P  (Yosemite National Park)
Merced CA
11:40 AM P 
- - - Chowchilla CA  
12:13 PM P  Madera CA 12:13 PM P 
12:40 PM P  Fresno CA 12:49 PM P 
1:42 PM P  Tulare CA 1:42 PM P 
2:51 PM P  Bakersfield CA 2:58 PM P 
4:34 PM P  The Loop
Tehachapi CA
4:34 PM P 
5:07 PM P  Mojave CA 5:07 PM P 
- - - Saugua CA  
7:37 PM P  Glendale CA 7:37 PM P 
7:55 PM P  Union Station
Los Angeles CA