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Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, Num 21
The Silver Streak Zephyr


Kansas City MO to Lincoln NE

251 miles.   5 hrs 40 min.

Amenities ...

 Dining Car.

The Lincoln-Kansas City route was previously operated by steam power, and because of the expense it was running at a loss to Burlington. This route was the perfect candidate for the new diesel powered 3 car Zephyr. Soon Burlington was operating the route at a profit, and the Zephyr, one of America's first Streamlines, became a rousing success. Soon other Zephyrs were added to Burlington's fleet, and the Streamliner era began. Line after line replaced their fleet of heavy-weight steam powered trains, to the faster, more elegant, and extremely popular streamliners. By the 50s, this train included a Parlor Car, Dining Car, and Reclining Chair Coaches.

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Union Station
Kansas City MO
4:00 PM C 
4:38 PM C  (Leavenworth connection)
Beverly MO
4:38 PM C 
4:55 PM C  (Atchison connection)
Armour MO
4:55 PM C 
5:21 PM C  Union Depot
Saint Joseph MO
5:28 PM C 
6:29 PM C  Langdon MO 6:29 PM C 
6:50 PM C  (Hamburg connection)
Hamburg Jct IA
6:50 PM C 
6:59 PM C  Payne IA 6:59 PM C 
7:44 PM C  Council Bluffs IA 7:44 PM C 
7:48 PM C  Council Bluffs Transfer I 7:48 PM C 
8:20 PM C  Burlington Station
Omaha NE
8:40 PM C 
9:40 PM C  Burlington Depot
Lincoln NE