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Wabash Railroad, Num 3
The Kansas City Express

St Louis MO to Kansas City MO

278 miles.   7 hrs 10 min.

Through Service
to: Los Angeles,San Francisco,Ogden,Denver,Seattle

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Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Union Station
Saint Louis MO
9:30 AM C 
9:55 AM C  Ferguson MO 9:55 AM C 
10:15 AM C  Saint Charles MO 10:15 AM C 
11:04 AM C  Warrenton MO 11:04 AM C 
11:33 AM C  Montgomery MO 11:33 AM C 
11:43 AM C  Wellsville MO 11:43 AM C 
12:15 PM C  Mexico MO 12:15 PM C 
12:41 PM C  Thompson MO 12:41 PM C 
1:15 PM C  Moberly MO 1:15 PM C 
1:53 PM C  Salisbury MO 1:53 PM C 
2:24 PM C  Brunswick MO 2:24 PM C 
2:53 PM C  Carrollton MO 2:53 PM C 
3:21 PM C  Henrietta MO 3:21 PM C 
3:52 PM C  Missouri City MO 3:52 PM C 
4:40 PM C  Kansas City MO