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Chicago & North Western Railway, Num 163
The City of Milwaukee 400 (Midday)


Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI

85 miles.   1 hrs 35 min.

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Chicago to Milwaukee (started day as Commuter 400, then City of Milwaukee, then Capitol 400, then back to Milwaukee as the City of Milwaukee 400)

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Northwest Terminal
Chicago IL
10:00 PM C 
10:12 PM C  Evanston IL 10:12 PM C 
11:50 PM C  Waukegan IL 11:50 PM C 
11:00 PM C  Kenosha WI 11:00 PM C 
11:12 PM C  Racine WI 11:12 PM C 
11:35 PM C  Milwaukee WI