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Southern Pacific Railroad, Num 18
The Oregonian

San Francisco CA to Portland OR

718 miles.   23 hrs 15 min.

Amenities ...

via Siskiyou Line. Standard and Tourist Sleepers, Reclining Chair Car, Coach, Diner

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Market Street Ferry Depot
San Francisco CA
6:30 PM P 
6:50 PM P  Oakland Pier Station
Oakland Pier CA
7:15 PM P 
7:30 PM P  16th Street Station
Oakland CA
7:30 PM P 
7:45 PM P  University Ave
Berkeley CA
7:45 PM P 
8:00 PM P  Richmond CA 8:00 PM P 
8:30 PM P  Crockett CA 8:30 PM P 
8:50 AM P  Martinez CA 8:50 AM P 
9:13 PM P  Suisun-Fairfield Station
Fairfield CA
9:13 PM P 
9:50 PM P  Davis CA 10:00 PM P 
10:17 PM P  Woodland CA 10:17 PM P 
11:40 PM P  Willow CA 11:40 PM P 
12:45 AM P  Gerber CA 1:00 AM P 
1:18 AM P  Red Bluff CA 1:18 AM P 
2:15 AM P  Redding CA 2:15 AM P 
4:15 AM P  Dunsmuir CA 4:30 AM P 
7:40 AM P  Klamath Falls OR 7:55 AM P 
10:55 AM P  Crescent Lake OR 10:55 AM P 
1:48 PM P  Eugene OR 2:05 PM P 
3:10 PM P  Albany OR 3:10 PM P 
3:55 PM P  Salem OR 3:55 PM P 
5:45 PM P  Portland OR