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Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste Marie Railway, Num 63


Duluth MN to Minneapolis MN

168 miles.   4 hrs 50 min.

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Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Soo Line Station
Duluth MN
1:00 PM C 
1:11 PM C  West Duluth MN 1:11 PM C 
1:25 PM C  Soo Line Station
Superior WI
1:25 PM C 
2:44 PM C  Danbury WI 2:44 PM C 
3:25 PM C  Frederic WI 3:25 PM C 
3:40 PM C  Luck WI 3:40 PM C 
4:18 PM C  Dresser WI 4:18 PM C 
5:19 PM C  Union Station
Saint Paul MN
5:19 PM C 
5:50 PM C  Milwaukee Road Station
Minneapolis MN