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Northern Pacific Railway, Num 61


Superior WI to Minneapolis MN

174 miles.   4 hrs 35 min.

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Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Superior WI 7:45 AM C 
8:15 AM C  Duluth MN 8:25 AM C 
8:38 AM C  West Duluth MN 8:38 AM C 
9:05 AM C  Carlton MN 9:05 AM C 
9:38 AM C  Moose Lake MN 9:38 AM C 
10:08 AM C  Groningen MN 10:08 AM C 
10:19 AM C  Hinckley MN 10:19 AM C 
10:36 AM C  Pine City MN 10:36 AM C 
10:51 AM C  Rush City MN 10:51 AM C 
11:27 AM C  Wyoming MN 11:27 AM C 
11:55 AM C  White Bear Lake MN 11:55 AM C 
12:20 PM C  Union Station
Saint Paul MN