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Wabash Railroad, Num 10
The Banner Blue

St Louis MO to Chicago IL

286 miles.   5 hrs 49 min.

Amenities ...

 Dining Car.

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Union Station
Saint Louis MO
12:01 PM C 
12:38 PM C  Granite City IL 12:38 PM C 
12:52 PM C  Edwardsville IL 12:52 PM C 
1:23 PM C  Litchfield IL 1:23 PM C 
1:57 PM C  Taylorville IL 1:57 PM C 
2:27 PM C  Decatur IL 2:30 PM C 
3:00 PM C  Monticello IL 3:00 PM C 
3:34 PM C  Gibson City IL 3:34 PM C 
3:59 PM C  Forrest IL 3:59 PM C 
5:34 PM C  Englewood IL 5:34 PM C 
5:50 PM C  Dearborn Station
Chicago IL