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Missouri Pacific Railroad, Num 5
The Missouri River Eagle


St Louis MO to Kansas City MO

279 miles.   5 hrs 30 min.

Through Service
to: Omaha via No 105

Amenities ...

 COACH ONLY, no sleepers.  Dining Car.

6-car train inaugurated on March 10, 1940. Upgraded in 1946. Originally named simply the Eagle, this was the first streamliner for Missouri Pacific. The "Eagle" name was then part of all subsequent MoPac streamliners.

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Union Station
Saint Louis MO
8:50 AM C 
8:58 AM C  Tower Grove MO 8:58 AM C 
9:10 AM C  Kirkwood MO 9:10 AM C 
9:47 AM C  Washington MO 9:47 AM C 
11:00 AM C  Jefferson City MO 11:05 AM C 
11:32 AM C  California MO 11:32 AM C 
12:15 PM C  Sedalia MO 12:15 PM C 
12:45 PM C  Warrensburg MO 12:45 PM C 
1:19 PM C  Pleasant Hill MO 1:19 PM C 
1:33 PM C  Lees Summit MO 1:33 PM C 
1:55 PM C  Independence MO 1:55 PM C 
2:20 PM C  Union Station
Kansas City MO
2:40 PM C 
2:45 PM C  Central Avenue Station
Kansas City KS
2:45 PM C 
3:15 PM C  Leavenworth KS 3:15 PM C 
3:20 PM C  Fort Leavenworth KS 3:20 PM C 
3:42 PM C  Atchison KS 3:42 PM C 
4:24 PM C  Hiawatha KS 4:24 PM C 
4:42 PM C  Falls City NE 4:42 PM C 
5:11 PM C  Auburn NE 5:11 PM C 
5:40 PM C  Nebraska City NE 5:40 PM C 
5:55 PM C  Union NE 5:55 PM C 
6:11 PM C  Plattsmouth NE 6:11 PM C 
6:55 PM C  Union Station
Omaha NE