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Southern Pacific Railroad, Num 9
The Shasta Daylight


San Francisco CA to Portland OR

718 miles.

Amenities ...

Launched as a Streamliner on July 10, 1949

Arrives Connecting Cities Departs
- - - Market Street Ferry Depot
San Francisco CA
7:30 AM P 
7:50 AM P  Oakland Pier Station
Oakland Pier CA
8:05 AM P 
8:13 AM P  16th Street Station
Oakland CA
8:13 AM P 
8:21 AM P  University Ave
Berkeley CA
8:21 AM P 
8:57 AM P  Martinez CA 8:57 AM P 
9:42 AM P  (Sacramento connection)
Davis CA
9:46 AM P 
11:27 AM P  Gerber CA 11:34 AM P 
12:20 PM P  Redding CA 12:20 PM P 
1:52 PM P  Dunsmuir CA 1:58 PM P 
4:35 PM P  Klamath Falls OR 4:45 PM P 
- - - (does not stop)
Crescent Lake OR
8:59 PM P  Eugene OR 9:04 PM P 
9:43 PM P  Albany OR 9:43 PM P 
10:11 PM P  Salem OR 10:11 PM P 
11:25 PM P  Portland OR