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A & G
A E Stanley
A H Stange Lumber
A L Gilbert
Abbotsford & Northeastern
ABC Lines
Aberdeen & Asheboro Rwy
Aberdeen & Briar Patch
Aberdeen & Rockfish
Aberdeen, Carolina & Western
Aberville Grimes
Abilene & Southern RR
Abilene Northern Rwy
Abilene Southern
Acadiana Rwy
ACF Industries - Shippers Industries - Sh
Acme, Red River & Northern
Addyston & Ohio River
Adirondack Rwy
Adirondack & St Lawrence
Adrian & Blissfield
Aeolian Piano Works
Ag Processing
Age of Steam Museum
Aggregate Industries
Ahnapee & Western Rwy
Air Line RR
Akron & Barberton Belt RR
Akron, Canton & Youngstown RR
Akron-Barberton Cluster
Alabama & Florida
Alabama & Mississippi RR
Alabama & North Western
Alabama & Tombigbee
Alabama & Vicksburg
Alabama By-Products
Alabama Central RR
Alabama Central Rwy
Alabama City, Gadsden-Attalia
Alabama Great Southern RR
Alabama Gulfast
Alabama Northern Rwy
Alabama, Florida & Gulf
Alabama, Florida & Gulf RR
Alabama, Tennessee & Northern
Alameda Belt Line
Alameda Valley RR
Alamogordo & Sacramento Mountain Rwy
Alaska RR
Alaska Hydro-Train
Alaska Northern
Albany & Eastern
Albany & Northern Rwy
Albany & Susquehanna RR
Albany Day Line
Albany Southern
Alberni Pacific Point
Albert Hess Lumber
Alberta & Great Waterways Rwy
Alberta Rail Net
Alberta Railway & Irrigation.
Albia Rwy
Alcoa Terminal
Alco-Albany Port
Alexander RR
Alexander & Eastern Rwy
Alexander-Stewart Lumber
Alexandria & Western Rwy
Algers, Winslow & Western
Algoma & Western
Algoma Central Rwy
Algoma Central & Hudson Bay
Algoma Eastern Rwy
Algoma Steel
Aliquippa & Southern RR
Alleghany Valley RR
Allegheny & Eastern RR
Allegheny & South Side RR
Allegheny Central RR
Allegheny Ludlum Steel
Allegheny Petroleum
Allegheny Southern
Allegheny Valley RR
Allied Signal Chemical
Allied Tube & Conduit
Alma & Jonquieres Rwy
Alma Iron & Metal
Almanor RR
Altamont Commuter Express
Alton RR
Alton & Eastern
Alton & Southern Rwy
Altoona & Beech Creek RR
Altus Granite & St Louis Traction
Aluminum Line
Amador Central RR
Amalgamated Sugar
Amber Mill Comp
American Agricultural Chemical Co
American Cast Iron Pipe
American European Express
American Freedom Train
American Mail Line
American Orient Express Rwy
American Steel Foundries
Americus & Atlantic RR
Anchor Line
Andalusia, Florida & Gulf Rwy
Anderson & Saline River
Anderson Windows
Andover & Kenebeck RR
Angelina & Neches River RR
Anglo-Newfoundland Development
Ann Arbor RR
Ann Arbor Steamships
Anna Stone Quar Rwy
Annapolis Short Line
Annapolis, Washington & Baltimore
Anthony & Northern Rwy
AO Smith
Apache Rwy
Apalachicola Northern RR
Appalachian Rwy
Appanoose County Community
Aransas Harbor Terminal Rwy
Arcade & Attica RR
Arcadia & Betsey River Rwy
Arcata & Mad River
Arch of Ky
Archer Daniels Midland
Argent Lumber
Argentine Central Rwy
Aristect Chemical
Arizona & California
Arizona & Colorado RR
Arizona & En
Arizona & New Mexico Rwy
Arizona Eastern
Arizona Eastern
Arizona Freight Car
Arizona Grain
Arizona Public Service
Arizona Southern
Arkansas RR
Arkansas & Louisiana Rwy
Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri
Arkansas & Memphis Railway Bridge & Terminal
Arkansas & Missouri
Arkansas Central RR
Arkansas Eastern
Arkansas Louisiana & Missouri Rwy
Arkansas Midland RR
Arkansas Northwestern
Arkansas Oklahoma
Arkansas River Route
Arkansas Southeastern Rwy
Arkansas Southwestern Rwy
Arkansas Valley RR
Arkansas Valley Interurban Rwy
Arkansas Western
Arkansas, Louisiana & Gulf
Arkansas, Louisiana & Midland Rwy
Arkansas, Oklahoma & Western
Armstrong Transfer Co
Arnold Transit Co
Aroostook Valley RR
Arpin Hardwood & Lumber
Arrow Transportaion Co
Art Train
Artemus-Jellico RR
Asherton & Gulf Rwy
Asheville & Craggy Mountain Rwy
Ashland & Western
Ashland Coal & Iron Rwy
Ashland Odanah & Marengo Rwy
Ashland Siskowit & Iron River Logging
Ashley, Drew & Northern
Ashphalt Belt Rwy
Ashtabula Carson Jefferson
Astoria & Columbia River RR
AT & L
AT & L
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rwy
ATEL Leasing
Atlanta & Birmingham Air Line Rwy
Atlanta & St Andrews Bay Rwy
Atlanta & West Point RR
Atlanta & Western
Atlanta Railcar
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Rwy
Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast RR
Atlanta, Stone Mtn & Lithonia Rwy
Atlantic & Carolina RR
Atlantic & Danville Rwy
Atlantic & East Carolina Rwy
Atlantic & Lake Superior
Atlantic & North Carolina
Atlantic & Northern Rwy
Atlantic & Pacific RR
Atlantic & Western Rwy
Atlantic & Yadkin Rwy
Atlantic & Yadkin Rwy
Atlantic City RR
Atlantic City & Southern RR
Atlantic Coast Line RR
Atlantic Coast Line - Savanna Line
Atlantic Fruit Co
Atlantic Northern Rwy
Atlantic Northern & Southern Rwy
Atlantic Port Rwy
Atlantic Richfield
Atlantic, Quebec & Western Rwy
Atlantic, Waycross & Northern RR
Au Sable & Northwestern
Augusta RR
Augusta & Florida Rwy
Augusta & Summerfield
Augusta Northern Rwy
Augusta Southern
Aurora & De Kalb Line
Aurora, Elgin & Chicago RR
Ausable & Northwestern
Austin & Northwest
Austin & Texas Central
Austin Area Terminal
Auto Train
Avtex Fibers