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- C -

C & W (Chicago & Wisconsin?)
C C Collins Lumber
C J Kinzel Lumber
C M Christenson Lumber
C R B & L
C S (?Chattanooga Southern?)
C StP M & O
C&NU Rwy
C(orvallis?) & E(astern?)
Cache Valley RR
Caddo & Choctaw RR
Cadillac & Lake City
Cadiz RR
Cady Mills
Cahokia Marine
Cairn Line
Cairo & Kanawha Rwy
Cairo Terminal
Cairo, Truman & Southern RR
Caldwell Interurban
California & Oregon Coast RR
California Central RR
California DOT
California Northern
California Northwestern
California Rail Service
California Southern RR
California Western RR
Callahan Line
Calumet, Hammond & Southeastern
Calvert, Waco & Brazos Valley RR
Camargo & Western
Camas Prairie RR
Cambria & Indiana RR
Camden & Amboy RR
Camden & Ambport RR
Camden & Atlantic RR
Camino, Placerville & Lake Tahoe RR
Camp Chase
Camp Humphrey
Camp Lejeune RR
Campbell's Creek RR
CANAC International
Canada 7 Gulf Terminal Rwy
Canada Atlantic & Plant Steamship Co.
Canadaigua RR
Canadian American
Canadian American
Canadian Expo Train
Canadian Government Rwy
Canadian National Rwy
Canadian Northern Rwy
Canadian Northern Ontario Rwy
Canadian Northern Quebec Rwy
Canadian Pacific Rwy
Canadian Wheat Board
Canal RR
Cananea, Yaqui River & Pacific RR
Caney Fork & Western
Caney River Rwy
Canon City & Cripple Creek
Canton RR
Canton & Carthage
Canyon City (Canyon?)
Cape Breton Rwy
Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia
Cape Breton Development
Cape Cod & Hyannis
Cape Cod Central RR
Cape Fear Rwy
Cape Girardeau & Chester
Cape Girardeau & Thebes Bridge Terminal
Cape Girardeau Northern
Cape May Seashore Line
Cape May, Del Bay & Sewells Point
Caraquet Rwy
Caraquet & Gulf Shore Rwy
Carathage & Adirondack Rwy
Carbon County Rwy
Carillon & Grenville
Carlsbad Cavern Coaches
Caro Northern Rwy
Carolina RR
Carolina & Northeastern RR
Carolina & Northwestern Rwy
Carolina & Tennessee Southern Rwy
Carolina & Western
Carolina & Yadkin River Rwy
Carolina Coastal
Carolina Southern Rwy
Carolina Traction
Carolina Western RR
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Rwy
Carrollton RR
Carrollton & Worthville RR
Carrollton Oneida & Minerva
Carson & Colorado Rwy
Carthage Knightstown & Shirley
Cascade & Columbia River
Casco Bay & Harpswell Lines
Cassville & Exeter Rwy
Cassville & Western RR
Castleman River
Catasauqua & Fogelsville RR
Catskill & Tannersville Rwy
Catskill Mountain Rwy
Cattawissa & Williamsport RR
Cavalier County Rwy
Cayuga Valley Scenic Rwy
Cazenovia Southern RR
CC & CC (Cullman County??)
Cecil Lumber Co.
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Rwy
Cedar Rapids and Missouri River RR
Cedar River
Cement, Tolenas & Tidewater RR
Centerville, Albla & Southern Rwy
Central California Traction
Central Canada Rwy
Central Columbiana & Pennsylvania
Central Georgia
Central Indiana Rwy
Central Indiana & Western
Central Kansas Rwy
Central Michigan
Central Montana
Central New England Rwy
Central New York
Central New York & Southern RR
Central of Florida
Central of Georgia Rwy
Central of Indiana
Central of Oregon
Central of Tennessee Ry & Navigation
Central Oklahoma Railfan Club
Central Ontario Rwy
Central Oregon & Pacific
Central Pacific
Central Park North & East River
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Central Railroad of Oregon
Central Railroad of Pennsylvania
Central Railway of Arkansas
Central Railway of Indianapolis
Central Railway of New Jersey
Central Soya
Central Texas
Central Valley
Central Vermont Rwy
Central West Virginia & Southern Rwy
Central Wisconsin Rwy
Centralia Eastern RR
Centreville, Albia & Southern Rwy
CF Industries
CF of A
Champion Landmark
Champlain Transportation Co
Changuinola Rwy
Chaparral Steel
Charles City Western Rwy
Charleston & Western Carolina Rwy
Charlotte Harbor
Charlotte Harbor & Northern Rwy
Charlotte RT
Charlotte Southern
Charlotte, Monroe & Columbia RR
Chatham, Wallaceburg & Lake Erie Rwy
Chattahoochee & Gulf
Chattahoochee Industrial RR
Chattahoochee Valley Rwy
Chattanooga & Chickamauga
Chattanooga & Montlake Rwy
Chattanooga Southern RR
Chautauqua Traction
Chehalis Western
Cherry Tree & Dixon RR
Chesaning Central & Owaso
Chesapeake & Curtis Bay RR
Chesapeake & Ohio Rwy
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway of Indiana
Chesapeake Beach Rwy
Chesapeake Steamship Co.
Chesapeake Western Rwy
Cheshire RR
Chessie System
Chester Creek
Chester, Perryville & Ste Genevieve Rwy
Chesterfield & Lancaster RR
Chestnut Ridge Rwy
Cheswick & Harmar RR
Chicago & Alton Rwy
Chicago & Calumet River RR
Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR
Chicago & Erie RR
Chicago & Grand Trunk Rwy
Chicago & Illinios
Chicago & Illinois Midland Rwy
Chicago & Illinois Western RR
Chicago & Lake Superior Rwy
Chicago & Mississippi RR
Chicago & North Western Rwy
Chicago & North Western System
Chicago & Southwestern Rwy
Chicago & Wabash Valley Rwy
Chicago & Western Indiana RR
Chicago Area
Chicago Central & Pacific
Chicago Electric Traction Co
Chicago Gravel
Chicago Great Western RR
Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer RR
Chicago Junction Rwy
Chicago Metra Transit Authority
Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee RR
Chicago Produce Terminal
Chicago Rail Link
Chicago River & Indiana RR
Chicago Short Line Rwy
Chicago South Shore & South Bend RR
Chicago Southern
Chicago Terminal Transfer RR
Chicago Tunnel Co.
Chicago Union Station
Chicago Union Transfer Rwy
Chicago Warehouse & Terminal Co
Chicago, Anamosa & Northern Rwy
Chicago, Attica & Southern
Chicago, Aurora & Elgin
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR
Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville RR
Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co
Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern
Chicago, Harvard & Geneva Lake Rwy
Chicago, Indiana & Southern RR
Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Rwy
Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw Rwy
Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Rwy
Chicago, Lake Shore & Eastern Rwy
Chicago, Lake Shore & South Bend Rwy
Chicago, Madison & Northern
Chicago, Memphis & Gulf RR
Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary Rwy
Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound Rwy
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Rwy
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific RR
Chicago, Missouri & Western
Chicago, Ottawa & Peoria Rwy
Chicago, Palatine & Wanconda RR
Chicago, Peoria & St Louis RR
Chicago, Peoria & St Louis of Illinois Rwy
Chicago, Peoria & Western Rwy
Chicago, Quincy, O & Kansas City
Chicago, Rock Island & El Paso Rwy
Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf Rwy
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Rwy
Chicago, Springfield & St Louis
Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Rwy
Chicago, Terre Haute & Southeastern Rwy
Chicago, West Pullman & Southern RR
Chihuahua Mineral Rwy
Chihuahua Pacific Rwy
Chippewa Lumber & Boom
Chippewa River
Chippewa River & Menominee
Chippewa Valley & Northern
Choctaw, Newcastle & Western
Christie & Eastern Rwy
Chrome Locomotive
Cimarron & Northwestern Rwy
Cimarron River Valley Rwy
Cincinnati & Lake Erie RR
Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley RR
Cincinnati & Westwood RR
Cincinnati and Northern RR
Cincinnati Union Terminal
Cincinnati, Bluffton & Chicago
Cincinnati, Burnside & Cumberland River Rwy
Cincinnati, Flemingsburg & Southeastern
Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth RR
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Rwy
Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western RR
Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Rwy
Cincinnati, Logansport & Chicago RR
Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Rwy
Cincinnati, Saginaw & Mackinaw
Cincinnati, Wilmington & Zanesville RR
Cisco & Northeastern Rwy
Citizens Line
City of Madison
City of Marion
City of Medellin
City of Prineville Rwy
City of Winnepeg Hydro
Claremont & Concord Rwy
Clarendon & Pittsford RR
Clarion River Rwy
Clark & Wilson Lumber
Clarksville & Louisville RR
Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Co
Cleveland & Great Lakes RR
Cleveland & Mohoning RR
Cleveland & Toledo Line
Cleveland Electric Illuminating
Cleveland Frog & Crossing
Cleveland L(oop?)
Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Rwy
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis Rwy
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Rwy
Cliffside RR
Clinchfield RR
Clinchfield Route
Clinton & Oklahoma Western RR
Clinton Terminal
Clinton, Davenport & Muscatine Rwy
Cloquet Terminal
Cloudersport & Port Allegheny
Clover Leaf Route
Clyde Steamship Co.
Coahuila & Zacatecas Rwy
Coahuila Coal Rwy
Coal & Coke Rwy
Coal Belt Rwy
Coal Belt Electric Rwy
Coal River RR
Cocheco RR
Coeur d' Alene & Spokane Railway
Coeur d'Alene & Pend d'Oreille Rwy
Coeur d'Alene & St. Joe Transportation Co.
Coeur d'Alene and Spokane Electric Motorcoaches
Colfax Northern RR
Collins & Reidsville
Colonial Navigation Co.
Colorado RR
Colorado - Kansas Ry Rwy
Colorado & Northwestern
Colorado & South-eastern RR
Colorado & Southeastern Railway
Colorado & Southern Rwy
Colorado & Wyoming Rwy
Colorado Eastern
Colorado Hereford & Gulf
Colorado Midland Rwy
Colorado Museums/Cumbres & Toltec
Colorado Southern, New Orleans & Pacific RR
Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Rwy
Colorado, Wyoming & Eastern Rwy
Columbia RR
Columbia & Cowlitz Rwy
Columbia & Millstadt RR
Columbia & Okanogan Steamship
Columbia & Philadelpha
Columbia & Puget Sound RR
Columbia & Reading
Columbia Basin
Columbia Industrial Park
Columbia, Newberry & Laurens RR
Columbus & Greenville Rwy
Columbus & Ohio River
Columbus & Xenia RR
Columbus Hocking Valley & Toledo
Colusa & Lake
Combs, Cass & Eastern RR RR
Commonweath Edison
Comox Logging &.
Compania Ferrocarril Mexicano del Norte
Concord Rwy
Condon, Kinzua & Southern RR
Conecuh Valley
Conemaugh & Black Lick RR
Congress Consolidated Mines Companies Ltd
Connecticut Central
Connecticut DOT
Connecticut Southern
Connecticut Vally RR
Connor Land & Lumber
Conrad Yelvington
Conrad Yelvington Distributors
Consumer Power
Conti Carriers Terminals
Continental Agri
Continental Grain
Continental Grain
Continental Grain & Barge
Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley RR
Copper Basin Rwy
Copper Range RR
Copper River & Northwestern Rwy
Copperweld Steel
COR Rail
Corinth & Counce RR
Corn Industries
Cornwall RR
Cornwall & Lebanon
Corpus Christi Terminal
Corvallis & Eastern RR
Corydon Scenic
Cotton Belt Route
Cotton Plant-Fargo Rwy
Cotton Producers Association
Coudersport & Port Allegany RR
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs Railway
Cowchilla Pacific Rwy
Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade Rwy
CP Rail
Crab Orchard & Egyptian
Craig Mountain Rwy
Cranberry Lake
Cranberry Lumber
Crandic Route
Crescent Springs
Cripple Creek & Colorado Springs RR
Cripple Creek Central
Crittenden RR
Crocker Chair
Crome Crankshaft
Crooked Creek
Crosby Transportation Co
Crows Nest Coal
Crusader Line
Crystal Car Line
Crystal City & Gardendale
Crystal City & Uvalde
Crystal River RR
Crystal River & San Juan Railway
CSTPM&O55 - Omaha Road
Cumberland Rwy
Cumberland & Manchester RR
Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR
Cumberland Gap RR
Cumberland Mine
Cumberland Railroad Co.
Cumberland Railway & Coal
Cumberland River Route
Cumberland Transportation Co
Cumberland Valley RR
Cumberland Valley & Martinsburg RR
Cushing Stone
Cuyahoga Valley Rwy
Cycle Systems
Cotton Belt