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Milwaukee Road
Mineral Range Railroad
M & A
M C McCool Land & Logging
M W Wright Lumber
MAC Acquisitions
Mackinac Transportation Co.
Mackinaw City and Sault Ste Marie Line (Ferry)
Macomb & Western Illinois Railway
Macomb Industry & Littleton
Macon & Birmingham Rwy
Macon, Dublin & Savannah RR
Macoupin County Rwy
Madison Southern Rwy
Magma Arizona RR
Mahoning State Line RR
Mahoning Valley
Maine RR
Maine Central RR
Maine Coast
Maine Eastern
Maine Steamship Co.
Maintenance of Way
Mallory Steamship Co.
Malvern Brick & Tile
Mammoth Cave RR
Manahawken & Long Beach Transportation
Manchester & Lawrence RR
Manchester & Oneida Rwy
Manhattan Beach Rwy
Manhattan City & Interurban
Manila & Southwestern Rwy
Manistee & Grand Rapids
Manistee & Northeastern Rwy
Manistee & North-Eastern RR
Manistee & Repton RR
Manistique & Lake Shore
Manistique & Lake Superior RR
Manistique Pulp & Paper
Manistique Rwy
Manitou & Pike's Peak Rwy
Manitoulin & North Shore Rwy
Manns Creek
Mansbach Metal
Mansfield Railway & Transportation
Manufacturers Rwy
Manufacturer's Junction Rwy
Manville & Eau Pleine River
Mapimi RR
Maple Meadow Mining
Marathon County
Marble Cliff Quarries
Marble Head Lime
Marcellus & Otisco Lake Rwy
Marianna & Blountstown RR
Maricopa & Phoenix RR
Marietta & Cincinnati RR
Marietta & Vincent RR
Marietta, Columbus & Cleveland RR
Marinette, Tomahawk & Western RR
Marion & Eastern RR
Marion & Mississippi Valley RR
Marion & Rye Valley Rwy
Marion Railway Corp
Maritime Coal, Rwy & Power
Marquette & Bessemer Dock & Navigation Co
Marquette & Huron Mountain RR
Marquette & Southeastern Rwy
Marquette Rail
Marshall & East Texas Rwy
Marshall University
Marshall, Elysian Fields & Southeastern Rwy Rwy
Marshfield & Texas
Martin Marietta Materials
Martindale & Ouachita River
Mary Lee
Mary Powell Steamboat Co.
Maryland & Delaware Coast
Maryland & Pennsylvania RR
Maryland Electric Rwy
Maryland Gap RR
Maryland Midland Rwy
Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Rwy
Marysville & Northern Rwy
Mascot & Western RR
Mason City & Clear Lake RR
Mason-Donaldson Lumber
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Massachusetts Central
Massena Terminal RR
Matchuala Rwy
Mattagami RR
Mattoon Railway
Mauch Chunk Switch-Back Rwy
Mauch Chunk, Summit Hill & Switch Back Rwy
Maumee & Western
Maxton Oil & Fertilizer
Maxton, Alma & Southbound RR
McCloud River RR
McClouth Steel RR
McCormick Ashland City & Nashville
McCormick Line
McDonald Transportation Co
McKeesport Connecting RR
McKeesport Terminal
McMillan Bloedel
McMillan-Salsich Lumber
McOrd RR
Mead Paper
Meadow River Lumber
Meadvale & Somerville
Meadville Interpark
Medford Lumber
Memphis & Louisville RR
Memphis & Rugby
Memphis Union Station Co.
Memphis, Dallas & Gulf RR
Memphis, Paris & Gulf RR
Menominee & Northern
Menominee Bay Shore Lumber
Menominee Indian Mills
Menominee Sugar
Mercer Scrap
Mercer Valley RR
Merchants & Miners Transportation Co
Meridian & Bigbee RR
Meridian & Bigbee River Rwy
Meridian & Memphis Rwy
Merrill Lumber
Mesabe Southern Rwy
Mesta Machine
Metra (see Chicago Metra)
Metro North Commuter
Metropolitan Line
Metropolitan Steamship Co.
Mexican International RR
Mexican Interoceanic Rwy
Mexican Line Rwy
Mexican Line
Mexican Mineral Rwy
Mexican Northern Rwy
Mexican Pacific RR
Mexican Southern Rwy
Mexican Union Rwy
Mexico & San Diego
Mexico Northwestern Rwy
Miami Mineral Belt RR
Miami Traction
Michels Pipeline Contruction
Michigan Central RR
Michigan Interstate Rwy
Michigan Limestone
Michigan Northern
Michigan Railway Lines
Michigan Shore
Michigan Southern Rwy
Michigan State University
Michigan Transit Co.
Michigan United Rwy
Mid Atlantic
Mid Louisiana Rail (see Northern Louisiana & Gulf)
Mid Michigan
Mid South Rail
Middle Fork RR
Middleburgh & Schoharie RR
Middletown & Hummelstown
Middletown & New Jersey Rwy
Middletown & Unionville RR
Midland Rwy
Midland & Northwestern Rwy
Midland Continental RR
Midland Railway Co of Manitoba
Midland Rwy Co of Manitoba
Midland Terminal Rwy
Midland Valley RR
MidWest Locomotive Leasing
Mill Creek & Little River Rwy & Navigation
Mill Valley & Mt Tamalpais Scenic Rwy
Milledgeville Rwy
Millen & Southwestern
Millenium Rail
Miller Mining
Miller's Creek RR
Milltown Air Line RR
Milstead RR
Milwaukee Electric Rwy
Milwaukee Road
Minarets & Western
Minatitlan RR
Mineral Lake & Western
Mineral Point & Northern Rwy
Mineral Range RR
Mineral Wells & Eastern
Minneapolis & Rainy River Rwy
Minneapolis & St. Louis RR
Minneapolis Eastern Rwy
Minneapolis Northern
Minneapolis Western Rwy
Minneapolis, Anoka & Cuyuna Range RR
Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Rwy
Minneapolis, Red Lake & Manitoba Rwy
Minneapolis, St Paul & Ashland
Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste Marie Rwy
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester & Dubuque
Minnesota & International Rwy
Minnesota & North Wisconsin
Minnesota Commericial
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing
Minnesota Transfer Rwy
Minnesota Western Rwy
Minnesota Zepher
Minnesota, Dakota & Western Rwy
Mississippi Rwy
Mississippi & Alabama RR
Mississippi & Atlantic RR
Mississippi & Skuna Valley RR
Mississippi & Western RR
Mississippi Central RR
Mississippi Delta
Mississippi Eastern Rwy
Mississippi Export RR
Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Rwy
Mississippi River Bridge & Terminal
Mississippi River, Hamburg & Western Rwy
Mississippi Valley
Mississippi, Arkansas & Western Rwy
Mississippi, Hill City & Western Rwy
Mississippi, Yazoo & Sunflower Rwy Transporation
Mississippian Rwy
Mississippi-Warrior River Service
Missouri - Illinois RR
Missouri & Arkansas Rwy
Missouri & Illinois Bridge & Belt RR
Missouri & Kansas Rwy
Missouri & Louisiana
Missouri & North Arkansas RR
Missouri Pacific RR
Missouri Southern RR
Missouri, Kansas & Texas Rwy
Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway of Texas
Missouri, Oklahoma & Gulf Rwy
Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR
Mitchell St & Interurban
Mobil, Jackson & Kansas City RR
Mobile & Gulf RR
Mobile & Ohio RR
Modesto & Empire Traction
Moffat Road
Moffat Tunnel Route
Mohawk & Hudson RR
Mohawk Adirondack & Northern
Mohr Lumber
Moncton & Buctouche Railway
Monocacy Valley
Monon RR
Monon Route
Monongahela Rwy
Monongahela Valley Traction Co.
Monongehela Connecting RR
Monroe RR
Monroe & Texas RR
Monson RR
Montana Rail Link
Montana Western Rwy
Montana, Wyoming & Southern RR
Montauk Steamboat Co Ltd
Monte Ne Rwy
Montgomery & Prattville
Montour RR
Montpelier & Barre RR
Montpelier & Wells River RR
Montpelier & Whitefield
Montreal & Southern Counties Rwy
Montreal Maine & Atlantic
Montreal Urban Community Transit
Moore Central Rwy
Morehead & North Fork RR
Morenci Southwestern Rwy
Morgan & Fentress Rwy
Morgan's Louisiana & Texas RR
Morgan's Louisiana & Texas Railroad & Steamship Co.
Morgan's Louisiana Railroad and Steamship Co
Morgantown & Kingwood RR
Morgantown & Wheeling Rwy
Morris County
Morris Nover Iron
Morrisey, Fernie & Michel Rwy
Morristown & Erie RR
Morse & Tradewell Lumber
Morse Stone
Moscow, Camden & San Augustine RR
Moshassuck Valley RR
Mosinee Paper
Motive Power Industries
Motley County Rwy
Mount Airy & Eastern Rwy
Mount Hood RR
Mount Hope Mineral RR
Mount Jewett, Kinzua & Riterville RR
Mount Pleasant & Red Springs
Mount Ranier Scenic RR
Mount Robson Route
Mount Tamalpias & Muir Woods Rwy
Mount Vernon Transfer
Mount Washington Rwy
Mountain Central Rwy
Mountain Diesel
Mountain Laurel
Moxahala Valley Rwy
Mt Hood RR
Mt Tamalpais & Muir Woods
Mulberry Phosphates Inc
Muncie & Western RR
Munising Rwy
Munising, Marquette & Southeastern Rwy
Munson Steamship Line
Murfreesboro-Nashville Rwy
Muscatine North & South Rwy
Muscatine, Burlington & Southern RR
Muskegon Rwy & Navigation Co.
Muskingum Electric